“Dragon Ball Heroes: God Mission” Teaser Video
Published by 26 December 2014, 6:07 PM EST

As part of the Dragon Ball Heroes fourth anniversary live stream back in October, a short video was played that teased the future “new series” of updates; this new batch would hit the game after the “Evil Dragons Mission” updates wrapped up in January 2015. Bardock in his mind-controlled, “Time Breaker” outfit (originally from Dragon Ball Online) wrapped up the teaser.

Bandai Namco has unveiled a new, full-length version of the same teaser video which showcases the same Evil Dragons and Bardock material, but also teases updates involving Revival of “F”, the upcoming 2015 theatrical Dragon Ball Z film.

The “God Mission” update series, the fourth since the game’s launch, will begin in Spring 2015 with “GDM1” (“God Mission 1”).


Thanks to “Vitas” for the heads-up.

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