Podcast Episode #0411
Published by 07 September 2016, 12:48 PM EDT

This week’s episode brings a split topic: a bit of glee regarding the work of Naotoshi Shida on Dragon Ball Super episode 57, and the totally-unrelated topic of strength debates. Whether it’s the multipliers or the scaling or the raw lists of battle powers, if you have been in the fandom long enough, you have at least come across these discussions. In a series about fighting, trying to determine the strongest fighter is an obvious path to go down as a community discussion point. In our extensive topic this week, we try to determine whether or not this is actually healthy for or destructive to your fandom.


Episode #0411! Mike and Ajay rejoice over Naotoshi Shida’s work in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 57 before Mike goes it solo to discuss strength debates. The battle power lists, the multipliers, the scaling… these are all aspects that fans seem to like, but are they actually enjoying themselves? Is a dedicated obsession with this one facet of the series actually harmful and destructive to not just your own fandom, but to the greater community’s fandom? We may not have the answer, but we at least have a plea for you.


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