Podcast Episode #0412
Published by 11 September 2016, 3:22 PM EDT

Twenty years ago this weekend, Dragon Ball Z‘s English dub debuted on American television courtesy of FUNimation. It came after a rough year’s production of the original Dragon Ball series lasting only thirteen episodes and a single movie, despite the show already seeing massive success across the entire rest of the globe. This week on our podcast, we jump back to 1996 to discuss that first dubbed episode (“The Arrival of Raditz”) and its impact on the fandom moving forward.


Episode #0412! Mike and Meri reflect on twenty years of Dragon Ball Z in America. In September 1996, FUNimation’s English dub of Dragon Ball Z began airing in syndication, and it has only grown in popularity since then. How does that dubbed production stand the test of time? What can we learn from history? And what exactly was this Ocean dub, anyway? All this and a dive into our new “Press Archive” coming in your ears!


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