Podcast Episode #0420
Published by 07 February 2017, 10:17 AM EST

One of the staff- and fan-favorite podcast releases each year is our predictions episode. We dedicate an entire hour to reviewing the top five stories of the previous year, checking in on predictions we made last year, and we wrap it all up with a combination of safe and outlandish predictions for the next year. 2016 dropped a whole slew of surprises on us, so tune in for our reactions and analysis!

Episode #0420! Mike and Heath check in on last year’s predictions and make new ones for 2017. With “Dragon Ball Super” entering its next major story arc, and 2016 having already dropped so many surprise bombs on us, what could 2017 possibly have in store for fans? Tune in for our reflection, predictions, and a few hot takes from the listeners!


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