“Super Dragon Ball Heroes” Promotional Anime Third Episode Dated For September 6
Published by 30 August 2018, 4:07 PM EDT

The official Super Dragon Ball Heroes website has updated with an 06 September 2018 release date for the upcoming third episode of the series’ “Prison Planet” arc promotional anime:

Episode 3: The Radiance of the Mightiest! Vegetto Blue’s Kaiō-Ken Explosion!

In order to stand against the evil Saiyan “Cumber”, who has revealed his true form, Goku and Vegeta merge using the Potara! They become the mightiest warrior, Vegetto Blue, and on top of that, the Kaiō-Ken bursts forth!! To oppose him, Cumber unleashes and astonishing form…

The self-described “promotional anime” began back in July, with its initial two episodes released 01 July 2018 and 16 July 2018, respectively. Though the series’ original trailer was available worldwide, the subsequent episode postings themselves have been region-locked to Japan.

The “Prison Planet arc” is the latest scenario featured in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game, which is looking ahead to the fourth update in its “Universe Mission” series next month, as well. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is itself an update and hardware revision to the original Dragon Ball Heroes, a card-based arcade game in which players arrange teammates on a playing field for turn-based battles.

In the recently-released promotional video for the “Universe Mission 4” update, Cumber is shown using the Saiyans’ Great Ape transformation:

Dragon Ball Heroes has seen a variety of multimedia spin-offs and support pieces. Yoshitaka Nagayama’s Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission manga (a follow-up to the previous Dark Demon Realm Mission series) runs in Shueisha’s bimonthly Saikyō Jump magazine, while Toyotarō’s Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission ran from 2012-2015 in Shueisha’s monthly V-Jump magazine. Three portable game adaptations — Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission, Ultimate Mission 2, and Ultimate Mission X — were released on the Nintendo 3DS.

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