“Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission” (Nintendo Switch) Listed on Australian Ratings Website
Published by 15 November 2018, 4:15 PM EST

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission for the Nintendo Switch has been listed on the Australian government’s Department of Communications and the Arts website with rating information:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, developed by Dimps for Bandai Namco, is a forthcoming Dragon Ball franchise video game exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, currently only announced for release in Japan. The game, a home version of the ongoing Super Dragon Ball Heroes card-based arcade game in Japan, follows three Dragon Ball Heroes games released on the Nintendo 3DS. The most recent entry was Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X in April 2017; the game covered 3,300 cards from the arcade version’s original 8 missions, 10 “Galaxy Missions”, 8 “Evil Dragon Missions”, and 10 “God Missions”, effectively encompassing all content pre-Super Dragon Ball Heroes in its own original story mode in addition to the arcade version’s mission structure.

Outside of a single test run at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, no Dragon Ball Heroes content has ever received an international/localized release outside of Japan.

Thanks to Gematsu for the heads-up, where they also note:

It should be noted that while the title is rated as “Multi Platform,” that does not necessarily mean the game will be released on other platforms. The Switch-only Namco Arcade PAC, for example, is also rated as “Multi Platform.”

Back in August 2016, Dragon Ball Fusions for the Nintendo 3DS was listed on the Brazilian rating board’s website ahead of its formal international localization announcement.

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