Podcast Episode #0485
Published by 14 September 2020, 9:02 PM EDT


Episode #0485! Mike and Julian continue with a great batch of language-related listener questions and your own personal Japanese master class, as well as dive off into an in-depth chat about the Kanzenshuu approach to and administrative stance on “leaks”, both content and news-related in origin.


  • 00:13 – Introduction
  • 01:52 – Question 1: ウスノロ
  • 08:18 – Question 2: Piccolo’s Dialog in Viz’s English Translation
  • 14:10 – Question 3: Kanzenshuu Style Guide Spelling Changes (Turtle Hermit, Thouser)
  • 27:26 – Question 4: Recommendations for Learning Japanese at Home
  • 34:41 – Question 5: には and では
  • 36:39 – Question 6: and to King to not to King
  • 38:50 – Question 7: Leaks and Leakers
  • 49:49 – Sidebar: (Not) Everything is a “Scan”
  • 54:13 – Not a Question: 15 Years?!
  • 55:58 – Wrap-up


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