Alternate English Dub Updates: Ian Corlett Responds
Published by 15 October 2000, 12:00 PM EDT

Adding to the whole Ocean cast “thing” comes a reply from Ian James Corlett, the first voice of Goku in FUNimation’s English dub of DragonBall Z. We asked Ian if he had gotten any offers concerning recording new DragonBall Z episodes or movies — FUNimation seems to be saying that nothing is going on with Ocean, while Ocean says there is definitely stuff going on with them and the franchise. Corlett responded:

I heard of this. It’s a weird anomaly of distribution rights or something… I think IPP/Ocean sound has the Canadian rights to record shows, so it’s independent of Funimation. But alas I won’t be doing them if IPP has anything to do with the production.

This is certainly a strange situation; we have no idea why actors associated with Ocean would be recording anything for the series at this point.

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