Miscellaneous FUNimation Home Video Updates
Published by 11 May 2001, 10:34 PM EDT

Thanks go out to visitor WuFEi for pointing us to FUNimation’s website that contains a few tidbits about upcoming releases:

The “Z Warriors Prepare” DVD will contain all three episodes found on the previously-released “Trunks: Prelude to Terror” disc. However, the episodes on the “Z Warriors Prepare” disc will be corrected versions — the previous release had several defects (a subtitle at the top of the screen in one scene, repeated dialog in certain subtitles, and a few instances of timing being off in subtitles). This means the disc will contain five episodes in total; the last two of these five episodes were previously available on the Burger King exclusive “Z Warriors Prepare” VHS release.

The “Garlic Jr: Black Water Mist” DVD has been delayed.

17 July 2001 brings us the beginning of simultaneous VHS/DVD releases with both “World Tournament: Blackout” and “World Tournament: The Draw” hitting store shelves.

Finally, the second release of the original DragonBall TV series has been announced (“Tournament – Turtle Hermit”), and will be released on VHS on 19 June 2001.

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