FUNimation DBGT TV Special DVD Bonus Surprises
Published by 04 November 2004, 3:40 PM EST

The upcoming Dragon Ball GT TV special release from FUNimation contains quite an interesting extra: “Director’s Choice – 10 Craziest Fighting Techniques” (who the director is for this feature, we do not know!). In itself, it is a mildly amusing look at some of the more “interesting” attacks in the series (such as the Para Para Brothers, Bacterian, Dabra’s spit, etc).

The real surprise was a sneak-peak at the DBZ seasons 1+2 redub and DBZ movie 12. Of course, (and we would like to stress) we have absolutely no idea if the actual finished dubs for these items were used in the creation of this feature, or if little bits were done solely for this feature… but regardless, it sure is interesting.

Attack #10 is the Saibaiman acid-spit, with John Burgmeier clearly in the role of Tenshinhan. Attack #9 is Gurd’s “Time Freeze”, with what seems to be a modified-Kaiô-sama voice from Sean Schemmel taking over for the soon-to-be-decapitated midget. Music appears to be standard Faulconer-style-fare in both.

The biggest surprise was the #1 attack, Janenba’s little trans-dimensional smacking, knocking Goku around Hell like it is nobody’s business. The movie is simply referred to as “upcoming DBZ movie 12” with no official title given. The music is not the original Japanese, but at least in this particular scene appears to be similar in style to the original version.

You will be able to check out the feature on the Dragon Ball GT TV Special disc (“A Hero’s Legacy”), which is technically due out on the 16th of this month (though some stores are putting it out way early; thanks to “godofchaos” in the chat for the tips).

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