Dragon Ball GT to Receive Dragon Box in Japan
Published by 01 December 2004, 4:10 PM EST

As you may recall, both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z have been released on DVD in Japan over the past two years, in the form of three huge (not to mention hugely expensive) boxed sets, known as “Dragon Box” sets. There have been three so far (because DBZ was split in half) but there is soon to be a fourth…

As forum-goer Milton pointed out to us, Toei has officially announced the Dragon Ball GT Dragon Box — go ahead and check out the official GT DVD site and see for yourself. For the exorbitant-but-still-lower-than-domestic-DVDs price of ¥52,500, you’d get:

  • All 64 episodes in raw (unsubtitled) Japanese, on 11 picture-labeled NTSC Region-2 (Japan and parts of Europe) DVDs, with a sturdy box sporting a new illustration;
  • A special disc containing the GT TV Special (a.k.a. “A Hero’s Legacy”), plus other (unspecified) bonus features;
  • Remastered video and audio (both will be cleaner, although nothing can change the fact that it was animated by hand in the 90s);
  • The fourth exclusive “Dragonbook” booklet, with interviews and plenty of behind-the-scenes on the GT anime, and…
  • A life-size Dragon Radar TV / DVD Remote?!

You read right on that last one: while the DBZ sets had Goku and Piccolo figures from Kaiyodo, and the DB set had a Tenka-ichi Budōkai diorama, this one will have a remote control, shaped like (and the same size as) the Dragon Radar. It is certainly an offbeat choice, but I gotta say… I want one now!

The GT Dragon Box pre-order ends on 28 February 2005, and it will be officially released on 25 May 2005. If you want yours, you might want to start saving up those pennies now.

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