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Published by 24 April 2005, 1:45 AM EDT

According to Bandai’s press release for “Sparking!”, there will indeed be both a European and American release for the game (in addition to, obviously, the initial Japanese release). It reads, as translated by our good friend TripleRach:

The newest product, like the first three releases, will be developed worldwide simultaneously, scheduled for release in Japan and the American and European markets starting Fall 2005.

For more information on the game (all in Japanese, of course… but it all looks so pretty in the obligatory Flash websites!), you can visit Bandai’s official “Sparking!” website, as well as Spike’s (the game’s actual developer) official “Sparking!” website.

On the heels of this, think back to a previous poll FUNimation had in which you could pick the next name for a DBZ game — among these choices was “Tenkaichi Budokai”. Well, a new PS2 game has a listing on entitled just that… OK, so they have it backwards, written as “Budokai Tenkaichi”, but regardless of the name, it lists a release date of 15 November 2005.

So what is this game? All signs point to it being the domestic release of “Sparking!” — for those not in the know, “Sparking!” is the last line in the 1st opening theme to Dragon Ball Z, “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA”.

Even more additionally, also has a listing for a one very special “Super Sonic Warriors 2” (the sequel to the GameBoy Advance game “Bukū Tōgeki”, which we received as “Super Sonic Warriors”) on the Nintendo DS! The release date on this one is set for 22 November 2005.

If we get new animated openings and Japanese vocal theme songs out of all this, I will continue to be a very happy (and very money-spending) fanboy.

That is it for now! Special thanks to all of our forum goes for their constant vigilance in the world of interweb news! We will be hitting you all up with more information and translations as soon as we possibly can.

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