Dragon Ball GT Dragon Box DVD Set Delayed in Japan
Published by 11 May 2005, 10:05 PM EDT

If you have been keeping track, you might have noticed that the release date for the Japanese Dragon Ball GT “Dragon Box” DVD box set is fast approaching, without so much as a “GT DVD set release coming up real soon” update. Actually, there is good reason for this — it has been delayed. As pointed out to us by forum-member kenisu3000, courtesy of the official Japanese “Dragon Box” website:

We are truly thankful for receiving the greatest amount of preorders out of the series. We give our gratitude to each and every one of you who reserved it. At present, the production operation is in full swing, but because the final tally of preorders was twice that of the ‘Dragon Box’ series up through last year, far exceeding our prior assumptions, it became incredibly difficult for us to deliver the product to every valued customer who ordered, by the release date we originally gave of 25 May.

We are terribly sorry to make all of you keep waiting, but in order to deliver the product in a better condition, we are changing the release date to 15 June. We are really, terribly sorry, but please, do try to understand.

20 April 2005
Shueisha / Fuji TV / Toei Animation
Pony Canyon

Traditional Japanese “we are such piles of crap” humility aside, the main gist is thus: they could not meet demand for all of the pre-orders, so they just chose to delay it rather than make some of the pre-orderers wait, or rush an inferior product out the door.

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