Shueisha Releasing “TV Animation Comics” for DBZ TV Series
Published by 07 December 2005, 5:58 PM EST

Shueisha has recently begun to release “TV Animation Comics” of the Dragon Ball Z TV series. These comics are simply a manga form of the TV series comprised of animation screen shots. As these are animation comics, the titles will reflect those of the series and will remain as Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, similar to what Viz did with the American release of the manga. Also, as done with the DVD “Dragon Boxes”, Shueisha has started releasing the Dragon Ball Z comics before releasing any Dragon Ball comics (though nothing has been announced about “TV Animation Comic” adaptations for either the first TV series or Dragon Ball GT).

Shueisha began releasing these style of comics in 1995, which included both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT TV specials, as well as the 10th anniversary movie. Similar to those of the TV animation comics, they contain screen shots of the films in a manga form.

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