FUNimation DBZ Movie 13 & Broly DVD Set Releases
Published by 12 September 2006, 7:17 PM EDT

Today finally sees an important release in the US — FUNimation has brought out Dragon Ball Z movie 13 (oddly re-titled as “Wrath of the Dragon”), which brings the run of all thirteen DBZ movies to a close.

If you never got around to pre-ordering for cheap, RightStuf has it for $22.48, but Amazon has it for $16.99. Beating out everyone, Circuit City will ship it to you for $10.99.

In case you never grabbed the movies when they first came out, FUNimation is also selling this “Broly Triple Threat” DVD box set, containing DBZ movies 8, 10, & 11. RightStuf is jacking you for $26.98, but Amazon wants to give it to you for $22.49.

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