Dragon Ball TV R2 Individual DVDs Announced
Published by 31 December 2006, 2:20 PM EST

As you may already be aware, we’re getting close to the last of the individual DVD releases of Dragon Ball Z in Japan. So happily, if not surprisingly, there is more where that came from. Courtesy of forum-goer Payne222, there is an ad in “Weekly Jump” #6-7 that announces the individual DVD relase of the original Dragon Ball anime, based on the Dragon Box release from 2004. The series will be released in 26 total volumes, averaging out to about six episodes per disc. As with the DBZ releases, each cover will have an all-new illustration (not by Toriyama, of course, but still new artwork), and each disc will retail for ¥3990 (about $34 US). It is not clear from the ad how many discs we are to expect each month (it is three with DBZ), but the first volume(s) will be released on 04 April 2007, which the ad terms “Four-Star Ball Day”. Sounds good to me!

That is all the info we’ve got for now, but you know where to look for all the latest Dragon Ball info coming out of Japan, as we ring in the new year. Have a happy 2007, everyone!

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