“Shin Budokai: Another Road” $14.99 at GameStop
Published by 31 May 2007, 6:56 AM EDT

I stopped in to my local EB Games last night to pick up “Mario Party 8”, and grabbed one of their flyers on the way out — it looks like they are having a pretty nice sale on stuff. Check it:

If you have not grabbed “Shin Budokai: Another Road” (or just “Shin Budokai 2” as it is known in Japan), now is certainly a great time to do so. I am thinking about picking it up even though I have not gotten around to picking up a PSP itself, yet. Note that this deal does not apply to purchasing through their website — they really want to drive you into the store. You can actually pick up the first “Shin Budokai” for only $14.99 on their site, though, so that is at least something.

UPDATE: So I stopped in EB this afternoon again to grab the additional cheapo stuff. Turns out it is definitely a mis-print in the flyer. The first “Shin Budokai” is the $14.99 one ($19.99 new + 25% off), and there is no deal on “Another Road”. The ad does say they are not responsible for errors, so they are probably not going to give you the deal. Our buddy Tsukento in our chat had the grand plan to bring the ad to another place that does price-matching and see if you could convince someone to give you the deal. Go for it, and let me know how you make out.

They are also selling “Supersonic Warriors 2” for the DS for the same $14.99 price ($19.99 + 25% off) if you have not picked it up, already.

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