“Sparking! METEOR” Gameplay Updates
Published by 23 June 2007, 12:30 AM EDT

I do not know if anyone has written about this elsewhere, but we talked about it during the recording of the next podcast episode, and I figured I would just share it with you now:

“Z-Counter”: Just before you are hit with an attack, you teleport behind your opponent and deliver a counter-attack. As long as your “Blast Gague” lasts, you can keep ping-ponging back and forth. “Budokai 3” and “Legends” players should be fairly familiar with this type of gameplay mechanic.

“Sonic Sway”: A technique that allows you to dodge an opponent’s physical attacks like a sheet of paper (think Neo in “The Matrix” bending around to avoid the bullets). This is different than the normal guard and evade, making it easier to get back into fighting stance and turn it into a counter-attack.

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