IGN “Budokai Tenkaichi 3” Blog & Videos Updates
Published by 16 October 2007, 9:36 PM EDT

While I am busy playing through “Sparking! METEOR” (nyah!), those of you patiently waiting on “Budokai Tenkaichi 3” can check out some new updates over on IGN. In addition to some new videos, Donny Clay has updated the blog with a bit of ramblings concerning attacks and techniques. All in all, it is nothing really special, except the little mess-up in here:

Moves like Android 15’s ultimate move where he pummels you seven ways to Sunday or when Piccolo twists his opponent’s wrist, tosses him and blasts him in mid-air for example.

We let it slide last year during a video interview when he did not know what particular movie certain characters were from (honestly, unless you are fans like us, we can fully admit that it is difficult)… but this is a written blog, which gives you plenty of time to double-check your facts (no, #15 is not in the game), and perhaps write some complete sentences.

Ooooh, we kid because we love. Well… actually we have absolutely no idea who the guy is or what exactly he does over there at Atari, but I’m sure we would love, regardless. Hugs ‘n kisses.

You will get some first impressions of the game in this weekend’s upcoming podcast episode.

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