Should We Be Seeing Some More PS2 Games…?
Published by 22 January 2008, 5:30 PM EST

Let me preface this entire update by saying that it should not in any way be misconstrued as “news”; there is nothing factual about mere speculation. However, it has been on my mind as-of-late, and this website provides me with a great outlet to ramble to an audience!

Ignoring the frustrating PSP/PS2 –> Wii ports we have seen since the system came out, another recent trend has actually been to stay within the PlayStation family, and go directly from PSP –> PS2. Notable titles such as “Silent Hill Origins” and “Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters” are going to be making the jump/port from the PSP to the PS2. Why is this? Well, perhaps it is because other than the Nintendo DS (which only just took over), the PS2 is the system with the largest installed base in Japan — we are talking over 120 million systems. Furthermore, with games like “God of War 2” only just coming out last year, it is not like the PS2 is dying any time soon.

While the PS3 has been picking up steam over in the Land of the Rising Sun, the 360 remains the bastard step-child of gaming that no-one over there wants anything to do with (save a few “Halo 3” players, which are far from the norm). The PS3 has been picking up steam over here in the US, and the 360 has been strong since its launch… but it is still nowhere near the PS2’s asinine number of consoles (Hell, I have two: a JP and a US one!).

So let us think about this. The upcoming “Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit” will be coming out exclusively on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. That may work in the US, but it will be a tougher sell in Japan… where the game is being developed. Additionally, it seems like it would be impossible to put this game out on either the Wii or PS2.

But what about the “Budokai” series? Dimps kept on going over on the PSP with the “Shin Budokai” series, and as we told you just a couple days ago, “Dragon Ball Z W Bakuretsu Impact” (while simply being a card-based arcade machine with no traditional fighting-game controls) is running on an upgraded “Budokai” game engine.

So… wouldn’t Namco-Bandai like to cash in on that PS2 audience…? Maybe some ports would not be such a bad idea…

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