Gen Fukunaga Interview + DBZ DVD News
Published by 21 January 2008, 10:24 PM EST

Last December we passed along information that FUNimation was going to start putting out additional “remastered” DVD / Blu-ray releases of the Dragon Ball Z movies. Up until this point, there has still been no official announcement from FUNimation about these releases.

Check out ICv2’s interview with Gen Fukunaga, CEO of FUNimation. In addition to a lot of intriguing responses regarding things like piracy, fansubs, and season box set releases, we get the following quote:

This February we’re going to do the remastered Dragonball Z movies, several of those, which should be huge sellers for us.

There you go. It will certainly be interesting to see where the year takes us. If you still want to pick up some of the old FUNimation releases of the DBZ movies, RightStuf has a few left in-stock for about $5 a pop.

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