Podcast Episode #0141
Published by 10 August 2008, 9:07 PM EDT

Episode #0141 of the podcast is available for download! Despite being gone for the entire weekend, we threw something together ahead of time so there wouldn’t be a break ^_~. This week, Meri and I took a look at the various henchmen over the course of the series, and how their roles evolve and expand. We start out with random comedy relief henchmen, and end up with characters with fully-detailed back-histories! Definitely check it out.

Yes, the convention was amazing. It was probably the best time I’ve ever had at a con. Hironobu Kageyama was amazing. Everyone was amazing. Everything is amazing. Pictures to come.


The upcoming Dragon Ball GT remastered set numero uno will indeed be five discs instead of the previously-indicated three-discs. This is a good thing.

Episode #0141! VegettoEX and Meri were down at Otakon for the weekend, but recorded an episode ahead of time for your listening pleasure! We went over some brief news and discussed all of the various henchmen over the course of the series. While they started as comedy relief, their purpose drastically changed over the source of the series.


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