Atari France Unveils “Infinite World” (PS2)
Published by 19 August 2008, 10:55 PM EDT

We have confirmation (slightly) on what this “Infinite World” game — which first popped up in retailer listings — will be for the PS2. Strangely, Atari France was the first one (even including Japan!) to drop word of the game. It appears to be another iteration on the “Budokai” series by Dimps, though it is not clear if it will be using “Budokai 3” (PS2) or “Shin Budokai” (PSP) as the main engine. From the screen shots, it would appears that the handheld version is actually being used as the general basis.

We know that the game will contain at least 40 characters, not even including transformations. Keep in mind that “Budokai 3” itself actually only had 38 characters not counting transformations and fusions, so this will probably be even bigger than that. Then again, if the handheld version is being used as the basis, that is even more of a jump up.

Standard fighting is not all we’re going to get with this one, though. It looks like “Dragon Missions” will be the new single-player experience, ranging from things like racing down the Serpentine Road, to catching Bubbles, and beyond!

So far we know the title of the game, that it is being handled by Namco-Bandai, and it will be released exclusively on the PS2 in December. It is safe to say that since Atari (France) was the one to spill the beans on the game, all of the major territories (Japan, USA, Europe, and probably Australia) will be seeing the game, hopefully in time for the holidays in all areas. It is rather interesting that Atari was the one to break the news — it almost never happens that Namco-Bandai does not go with “V-Jump” over in Japan to hype things up first. Perhaps the US will even see its release first, similar to how the original three “Budokai” games went…?

It will be interesting to see if that “Infinite World” title remains the same in all territories, though. I will both laugh and cry if “Final Budokai” ends up being the title somewhere…!

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