Quick Impressions on New Video Games
Published by 14 September 2008, 5:40 PM EDT

Both “Dragon Ball: Origins” (known in Japan as “Dragon Ball DS”) and “Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World” were shown off at Atari’s recent press event / gamer’s day. You can read all about them over at places like Kotaku and IGN. The most important things to take away? “Infinite World” does indeed have a selectable Japanese voice cast, and the capsule system from previous “Budokai” games is back. Additionally, our buddy Dogasu has put up some thoughts on the Japanese “Dragon Ball DS” demo over on our forum.

In somewhat-related gaming news, Infogrames has entered into a partnership with Namco-Bandai, exclusively handling their distribution over in Europe. Infogrames is not stopping there, however, and expects to strike similar deals with other gaming companies, adding approximately €95 million in additional value to the company.

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