FUNimation Sues Discount Anime DVD For Bootlegs
Published by 09 November 2008, 9:12 PM EST

Anime News Network reports that FUNimation has finally decided to go after and its associated persons and businesses for bootleg DVDs:

Funimation’s legal representative filed the lawsuit in August. The suit is still active, pending a scheduling conference between all parties that is set for November 17 in a Los Angeles courtroom. The lawsuit is requesting the seizure or destruction of all DVD copies, as well as “all plates, molds, matrices, masters, tapes, film negatives, or other articles” used in the copying under the United States copyright law. The suit further asserts damages in the range of US$23.7 million, not including US$80,000 in legal fees. FUNimation is also requesting that the defendants “notify all customers who purchased [an infringing] DVD” … “that said DVD is an unlawful copy, and may be returned for a full refund, including shipping” to be paid by the defendants. FUNimation is asking for an additional US$5,005,000, and compensation for more legal fees, for the infringement of TV Tokyo, Square Enix, and Shueisha’s trademarks.

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