Special Conest Winner Movie Screening in Japan
Published by 30 November 2008, 1:36 PM EST

The official Dragon Ball DVD blog now features Oolong and Yamcha’s coverage of the conclusion to the “Come forth, Shenron! Gather the Dragonballs” campaign. This was a contest held back in August in celebration of the release of the Dragon Ball individual discs, the winner of which would “have their wish made a reality”. The winner, chosen from 12,000 people, was a Mr. Suzuki, whose wish was to see the Dragon Ball movies on a private big screen theater (something tells me he had a somewhat limited range of wishes to actually pick from).

And so his wish was granted on November 16th, at Fuji TV Multimedia Theater in Odaiba. Fuji TV announcers Maiko Saitou and Keiko Tsubakihara were there, along with Hironobu Kageyama, who gave a live performance of “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA”. Goku himself then appeared in convenient styrofoam suit form and requested that Kageyama sing “We Gotta Power”. Masako Nozawa also came by and was interviewed together with Kageyama. They were asked what wish they would make to Shenlong, and Nozawa said she would like to get into the Guinness Book of Records, while Kageyama said that, as a fan of Kame-Sen’nin, he would wish to do a pafu-pafu… but he quickly added that he was only joking, and his real wish would be to always stay healthy enough to sing.

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