“Infinite World” CD Single Additional Details
Published by 16 December 2008, 7:10 PM EST

A few more details about the Infinite World (PS2 fighting game) OP/ED CD single have trickled out. Right now we are seeing it listed with four tracks:

  1. “Hikari no Sasu Mirai e!”
  2. “Dragon Ball Party”
  3. “We Gonna Take You There”
  4. “Hikari no Sasu Mirai e!” (Instrumental)

There is no word on what exactly that third track is, but we have heard that there would be at least one English song on the disc, so it is possible that it is an English version of the opening theme (“Hikari no Sasu Mirai e!”). The CD is due out in Japan 25 December 2008 for ¥1200 from King Records (LACM-4555).

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