Unannounced Wii Game Coming Soon?
Published by 20 February 2009, 4:18 PM EST

We know about Dragon Ball Evolution coming for the PSP in the next couple months (March in Japan, April in the US), and we know about Dragon Ball Z Story coming for the Nintendo DS in the spring over in Japan.

Anyone interested in another new game?

While we can not confirm any additional details right now, we have it on good authority that yet another Dragon Ball game (note that we’re talking the original DB… no Z or GT here) is in the works right now, and it is a Wii game. Furthermore, it sounds like it will be based around the Red Ribbon Army arc.

The last we heard anything like this was way back in July 2004 when a URL and description for a so-called Red Ribbon Army Saga game for the GBA popped up on Atari’s website. It was quickly taken down, but it would certainly be interesting to see if the idea was being revisited five years later on a new platform.

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