“Official” Dragon Ball Kai Themes in Spanish?
Published by 15 August 2009, 1:55 PM EDT

Man, this must really be the weekend for weird Dragon Ball news. It appears that there may be an “official” Spanish version of the Dragon Ball Kai opening and ending themes, “Dragon Soul” and “Yeah! Break! Care! Break!”, respectively. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but supposedly the Los Angeles based record label “MAgIc Sound Records” has produced Spanish dubbed versions of both theme songs. The themes are said to be sung by Anghelo Lopez — you can view more information about him on his personal website and on the “Latin Talent” website.

Karaoke videos of the TV sized themes have shown up on the “company’s” YouTube channel and on their recently opened (11 August 2009) MySpace page. This is all really odd, because as far as I can tell the “company” has no official website and their e-mail address is through Hotmail. However, the most convincing piece of evidence that this news may be somewhat factual is a video of a live performance of “Dragon Soul” by Anghelo at “The Mole Comic and Manga Festival 2009”.

Again, we have no official confirmation as to the legitimacy of these videos, nor do we know whether this implies there will be a Spanish dub of Dragon Ball Kai. Either way, thanks to MCDaveG for letting us know. We will definitely keep an eye out for some additional or official information.

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