Maryland Library Removal Additional Follow-Up
Published by 12 October 2009, 12:08 PM EDT

Following up on all the news and our podcast commentary, you may be interested in the third story posted on concerning the manga being pulled from the school library. This one, written by a different staff writer (Laura D’Alessandro) is certainly of a different tone. You can read for yourself, but we are happy to see the demonization and absolutely condemnation of the series has fallen to the wayside.

Library Director Tom Hehman said his staff is conducting an “internal reconsideration” of the series of graphic novels after one discovered in the Pittsville Elementary and Middle School library by a 9-year-old student earlier this week was found to contain nudity and sexual innuendo. Hehman expects the investigation to conclude next week.

Attention is given to the various ratings, classification by other libraries, and notoriety of the series worldwide.

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