Panama Gets Original DB TV Series, Brazil Gets DVDs
Published by 03 November 2009, 8:38 PM EST

When we think about Latin America and the Dragon Ball franchise, we think of areas like Mexico, Brazil, and Chile which have long, on-going love affairs with the series. Panama is not a country that first comes to mind, though. Thankfully for those of you in Panama, Toei has struck a deal with Medcom to air the entirety of the first Dragon Ball TV series (all 153 episodes). Speaking of Brazil, though, Playarte has secured a deal to release the Dragon Ball series on DVD (while not especially clear in the article, it seems to be inferred to be the first TV series).

While I know Latin America loves their Dragon Ball (and their Saint Seiya), I am pretty ignorant as to what the actual home releases have been like. Anyone in Panama or Brazil that would like to give us a little background would be eternally thanked!

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