New Book Merchandise Coming in July
Published by 01 June 2010, 5:50 PM EDT

This July will see four new Dragon Ball books and eleven new CDs! If you are ready to see your money fly out of your wallet, let’s get to it.

Shueisha has announced a new anime guide book, officially titled TV Anime Ultimate Guide “Dragon Ball Extreme Battle Collection” Round 01: Boyhood arc – Freeza arc. It appears this book will highlight all of the battles that take place over the first part of the series, and I think it is safe to assume there will be at least a second volume. However, it will be interesting to see whether or not this is simply a reprinting of the “Battle History” section of Daizenshuu 2, but with screen shots from the anime. The book is set to be released 2 July 2010 for ¥700 (~$7.70).

Also in July, Shueisha will be releasing three new Dragon Ball sticker books. Yay?! The books are being released in conjunction with three new One Piece sticker books, so there is a possibility they may be somewhat “Dream 9” related. They are set to be released 23 July 2010 for ¥750 (~$8.25). There is no word yet as to what size of books they will be, or how many stickers they will contain.

Shueisha’s listing for the month of July also notes that the sixth volume of the Majin Boo Battle arc will be the final volume of the TV animation comics. The sixth volume is set to be released alongside the new guide book 2 July 2010. So far there is no word as to whether Shueisha will be doing the same thing with either Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball GT.

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