“Dragon Ball Kai: Character Song & BGM” CD Announced
Published by 01 August 2010, 5:52 PM EDT

A new Character Song & BGM CD release (COCX-36424) will come out for Dragon Ball Kai 22 September 2010 in Japan for ¥2940. It seems to be a continuation of both the Dragon Ball Kai Song Collection and the BGM Collection series (of which there have been two releases so far). In addition to a TV-sized version of the current closing theme, “Kokoro no Hane” (which incidentally just received its own full-version release in eleven different packages), the new CD will also contain songs for at least the characters of Cell and Trunks.

Will these songs be in-character, similar to Dende’s and Vegeta’s songs on the original Song Collection for Kai…? Early descriptions of that first disc also listed a theme for Kuririn which never came to be, so we should probably hold back a little anticipation until a final track listing is revealed.

We all want Norio Wakamoto singing, though. Seriously. We do.

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