“Dragon Ball Kai” Alternate English Dub Revealed?
Published by 10 September 2010, 11:03 AM EDT

With the recent news about the upcoming Mexican dub of Dragon Ball Kai, it seems that fans are all-ears about additional international versions of the series. We heard some rumblings way back in April with some Facebook shenanigans about a possible “alternate” English dub of Kai (a la the English dub of Dragon Ball Z produced with the Ocean Studios cast for Canada and parts of Europe) covering the Freeza story arc to the end of the series. Absolutely nothing more had come of that for several months.

Regular visitor Ricky tipped us off to a recent episode of “Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and Guests“, a podcast with regular appearances by Ocean voice actors. In this particular episode (September 8’s episode 26), Kirby Morrow (the eventual voice of Goku following the series of Ian James Corlett -> Peter Kelamis -> Kirby Morrow) revealed:

I’d like to mention that a show is coming back… a little-known show called DragonBall Z.

It’s already been released in Texas, they’re recording it in Texas, it’s known, it’s on the Internet. DragonBall Z Kai is being recorded in Texas by the crew in Texas for release only in America, and we’re doing a dub in Canada.

It’s already being recorded in Texas, they’re talking about it and everything else at the cons, but ya’ know, I did well over 100 episodes, three years of recording as the main character, Goku… and a new company has the project, and they think I might not be right for the role. I sound, in their words, “too cool”, to be Goku.

No time frame was given for the show’s production or debut, though from the sounds of it we can expect a staggered release schedule following behind FUNimation’s English dub for the series, exactly how Dragon Ball Z wound up at the beginning of last decade.

This would be the third international version of Dragon Ball Kai, following FUNimation’s English dub which debuted in May 2010, and the forthcoming Mexican dub. It will be interesting to see who comes next. Italy? Germany? Spain? Brazil?

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