Podcast Episode #0248
Published by 21 February 2011, 8:14 PM EST

Beyond catching up on two weeks worth of news, we have a bunch of short segments for all you podcast listeners this time around. Our buddy and forum moderator Kaboom jumped on to talk a little bit about a little project some folks have been contributing to: splicing together a more complete view of the Saiyan history, in particular with the Bardock TV special. I also finally got in my copy of Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butōden, so some initial thoughts on the game help flesh out the show (spoilers: it is pretty good). All your regular releases and e-mails round things out this time around. Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Episode #0248! VegettoEX and Julian cover all the latest news, from crazy release schedules to new prices to online streaming and beyond. Kaboom stops by to talk about an on-going fan project to beef up the Bardock TV special, and we give a short first-look at “Ultimate Butoden” for the Japanese Nintendo DS. Releases, e-mails, and a look back at Internet past rounds out the episode.


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