FUNimation Upcoming DBZ Movie Packs: Not Dragon Box
Published by 10 August 2011, 8:38 PM EDT

We noted just a couple days ago how a mysterious re-release listing for the first five Dragon Ball Z movies had popped up on RightStuf, inevitably bringing about the elephant-in-the-room-question: are they Dragon Box masters?

Unfortunately, we have been able to confirm with FUNimation that this re-release will not be based on the Dragon Box masters, but are simply re-releases of their own masters in a cheaper collection. We will follow-up again, but they will likely be based on their own remastering from the “Double Feature” steelbook releases from 2008-2009.

These movies almost received single-disc re-releases in late 2009 for just under $10 a pop (and at least the first four movies had cover art provided to retailers), but the line was seemingly canceled out of thin air after the Bardock and Trunks TV specials managed to slip their way out to stores.

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