FUNimation Kai “Season” Set Release Updates
Published by 23 February 2012, 9:38 AM EST

Though we mentioned this in the most recent podcast episode, we neglected to make a proper news update about it! FUNimation’s May solicitations confirm “Season 1” and “Season 2” collections of Kai from the company, which would not be strange were it not for the fact that “Season 1” has already been released.

The first set had a strange history, initially announced back in July 2011 for an October release, and then being pulled and re-stocked from online retailer shelves at least two times. It was assumed each time that such an abrupt pull and re-release would have to do with the musical score replacement, but each time it seemed to still have the original Kenji Yamamoto broadcast score. Will this (re?)re-release feature the Shunsuke Kikuchi score? It seems as though we will just have to wait and see (well, listen) once May hits.

These sets come on the heels of the first four individual sets officially being discontinued, all four of which featured the Kenji Yamamoto score before the possible-infringement scandal broke in Japan, resulting in a replacement score for all international productions of the show.

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