Dragon Ball Opening Theme Parodied in Car Commercial
Published by 11 April 2012, 11:33 AM EDT

As noted by original lyricist Yuriko Mori on her Twitter account, a new commercial for Toyota’s “Sienta” model has begun airing in Japan. The commercial features a family goofing off at an aquarium, while TV personality / children’s entertainer / former Takarasienne Shōko Haida sings a brief parody of Dragon Ball opening theme “Makafushigi Adventure!” in the background. The commercial itself can be viewed below; the promotional web site also has a link to a making-of video.

While it really has nothing to do with the Dragon Ball franchise proper, it is nice to see how elements of the series have so seeped into Japanese society that merely playing a (parody of a) song in a commercial can be counted on to get a positive reaction from audiences.

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