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Published by 11 April 2012, 12:17 AM EDT

Kanzenshuu has been live for 10 ten days now, and finally, everything is integrated as we had originally envisioned it. While it wasn’t entirely easy, we hope it is worth it to all of you. First and foremost, the forum from back at Daizenshuu EX has been ported over in full (mega-props to lost_in_thought, and in all seriousness, if you have as unhealthy an attachment to this community as we and some other folks do, a little present for him wouldn’t be out of line). However, we have somewhat cleaned house a bit and there have been a few changes you may want to note:

  • The “New Section Previews” and “Staff Help Requests” sub-forums have been combined. They were pretty much the same thing, anyway.
  • “Introductions” and “Ask” archives have been… well, archived. They don’t serve much of a purpose anymore.
  • External links are back to opening in a new tab or window.
  • The logo in the upper-left of the forum goes back to the main forum page, and a new link has been added to the right under the text header to lead you back to this main website.
  • Avatars can now be 100×100 pixels in size. You’re welcome.
  • The forum rules have been condensed a little bit, but you know how we roll — be awesome, and type well. That’s all it takes!

In addition, the user panel (seen to your left) is now fully operational on the main website, allowing users to login anywhere on the site. If you were previously a registered user on Daizenshuu EX, your same username and password will work properly here as well. All of your original user information and settings have been imported, along with all of your private messages. Logging in will also allow you to comment on any news posts that are less than 21 days old. All podcast news posts will be locked, and can instead be thoroughly discussed in their respective topics found in the Podcast sub-section of the forum.

As with any integration and import of this size, there are bound to be some bugs and glitches we didn’t foresee. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, or a bug of some kind, please be sure to let us know using the site’s main contact form. I know some of you have already used the contact form to inquire when the forums would be back online, but we decided this would be the easiest way to respond.

So spread the word. The forums are back!

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