Podcast Episode #0301
Published by 12 June 2012, 12:48 PM EDT

A little bit of podcast topic schedule shuffling is in the works, which resulted in this week’s show being a collection of fun mini-topics suggested by you all via our Twitter and Facebook pages. We can’t really complain, especially since you managed to come up with such great suggestions! Join us for a little bit of discussion about whether or not Vegeta is a tactical fighter, some of the best “What If?” stories from video games, how a reanimated series might turn out, and so much more.

We streamed this episode live yesterday evening — as always, be sure to stay tuned to our social networking and media pages for up-to-date reminders about when these kinds of events go down. We are here to enlighten and entertain!

Episode #0301! VegettoEX and Hujio answer a slew of questions from the audience. Is Vegeta truly a tactical and strategic fighter? What are some of the best “What If?” stories from video games? How could the Majin Boo arc have been handled differently? How could the story have been continued in other ways? All this and much more rounds out the episode!


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