FUNimation “Z Kai – Season Three” Cover & Release Date
Published by 21 June 2012, 1:20 PM EDT

The cover art and release date (11 September 2012) for FUNimation’s third “season” release of Dragon Ball Kai (released under the name Dragon Ball Z Kai) has popped up online:

Much like with the first two “seasons”, FUNimation’s recent sets repackage the prior “Part (#)” two-disc releases into a larger four-disc set — “Season Three” covers Kai episodes 53-77, which originally appeared on FUNimation’s “Part 5” and “Part 6”.

“Part 5” was the first North American release to shift over to the replacement musical score for Kai, so those who have the prior “Part 5” and “Part 6” releases will find identical material on this new “season” set.

As with the prior “Part (#)” releases, the “season” sets are available on both DVD and Blu-ray.

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