Official Dragon Ball Z 2013 Movie Website Updated
Published by 07 August 2012, 11:35 PM EDT

Toei Animation’s official website for the Dragon Ball Z 2013 movie has been updated with a few “new” previously seen items. The first new item is the teaser trailer that was previously seen at Saikyō V-Jump Festa and was later broadcast on a Fuji TV morning show. The teaser trailer features some great one-liners, such as “All Humanity has Been Waiting”, “Televised in Over 40 Countries”, “230 Million Copies Printed”, and the announcement of a “Super-Wide Release” on the date of the movie’s premiere, 30 March 2013. The trailer is roughly 37 seconds in length and features footage not originally shown on the recorded footage from Fuji TV. You can view the trailer in its entirety below.

Akira Toriyama’s previous comments about the movie that were originally published in Weekly Shōnen Jump have also been added to the website. However, Toriyama’s comments have now been translated and are available in English. Not only that, but the entire website is now available in English!

Right now both websites (Japanese and English) are exactly the same, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye open for any new developments or information over the coming months. Be sure to check Kanzenshuu for the latest movie news and updates — we’ve got you covered!

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  • Chuquita says:

    I think it’s really cool of them to make the site bilingual. It reminds me of the 08 Jump Tour’s multi-language official subtitles. I’m so anxious for new info about the plot, I can’t wait to read/hear about it.

  • soulnova says:

    This is a good move from them. I really hope we get to watch it overseas soon afterwards. They’d need to contact the original Mexican voices though or people are going to boycott the whole thing like with Kai. :S

  • tinlunlau says:

    I hope Funimation acts fast on this and make this available ASAP.

  • bleed0range says:

    It does indeed remind me of the 08 Jump Special with the inclusion of the English website. Thank you TOEI for doing that!

    I just hope this means that the movie may actually be released with subtitles in America as well. They did say “Super Wide” release right? Fox’s involvement may also be evidence of that possibility. With their help now, they can release the film to a larger audience globally. Of course, this may mean nothing more than an English translated site for our benefit, but maybe not. Perhaps they would stream it with subtitles for us? I doubt that considering they want to make money off it as a theatrical film. So once again, I feel like this is a pretty exciting development. It COULD mean we may get a release here with subtitles, likely in a limited release if so.

    (I seriously doubt they’d allow Funimation to have anything to do with a release here, so I am not even considering it to be dubbed, but a release that was subtitled seems a decent guess)

    I’m squealing like a little girl over here haha.

  • bleed0range says:

    Did I really just say “squealing like a little girl?” …. anyway, I’m excited! I hope they unveil some new characters or enemies or something soon… at least hint at it!

  • songoshen says:

    <3 That was smart to do. ^^ So they know that America is a huge fanbase? 😀 … Probably not… *shrugs* Oh, who the heck knows.

  • superkrillin says:

    so is it one where goku meets the real world or what? 😕

  • vrblitz says:

    They know English is one of the most popular languages. Allways with the America.. Jeez…

  • porungaswrath says:

    songoshen, you realise not only america speaks english, its more logical to have it in english due to it being the most popular language. it has a huge fanbase worldwide in multiple languages

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