Published by VegettoEX
12 September 2012, 10:40 AM EDT

The new secret rare card for “Galaxy Mission 4” in Dragon Ball Heroes, the on-going card-based arcade game in Japan, has been revealed as Baby Janenba.

That is, of course, Baby from Dragon Ball GT infecting Janenba from Dragon Ball Z Movie 12, and not a child version of Janenba (though one could argue the gigantic puffy version of Janenba from the movie served that purpose). As with the other secret rare cards (such as the new Super Saiyan forms for characters in past missions), you have a chance to receive the card by playing the game — no word on additional availability at this time.

As always with Heroes, big thanks to our buddy TheDevilsCorpse for the heads-up.

EDIT: Just for an extra bit of clarity, the kana on the card spelling out his name actually says “Janenba Baby” (ジャネンバベビー) rather than “Baby Janenba”, so perhaps that would be a better name-order to go with. It’s not nearly as fun and misleading, though. Additionally, here is a better look at another of the character’s cards from the game’s official website:

  1. supersayianprime

    You totally got me, I was expected toddler Janemba.

    12 September 201210:46 AM EDT
  2. BobZ

    This is SICK! 😯

    12 September 201210:56 AM EDT
  3. Kaboom

    Sweet merciful frackalacka, over-powered much? I suppose he’s meant to be opposite of Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta.

    12 September 201211:17 AM EDT
  4. thedevilscorpse

    That was kind of my assumption, Kaboom.

    12 September 201211:23 AM EDT
  5. worldmonsters

    Huh, somehow that’s actually kind of awesome 😮

    12 September 201212:14 PM EDT
  6. rukura

    I’m surprised at how I totally dig Baby Janemba lol

    12 September 20121:31 PM EDT
  7. beji

    Eeeeh if I ever wanted a mesh between two characters it would be Hirudegarn and Janemba. I don’t feel like Janemba could be be controlled by Baby and their the two movie characters would mesh together well I thought. But crossovers are always cool to see! 🙂

    12 September 20121:58 PM EDT
  8. frigginkrillin

    I would love to see how THEY both meet each other. 🙄

    12 September 20122:24 PM EDT
  9. jeffjarrett

    I posted the info and images of the card on the forum before TheDevilsCorpse

    12 September 20122:30 PM EDT
  10. VegettoEX

    I linked your post in the thread, ” jeffjarrett” — “TheDevilsCorpse” specifically reached out to me and let me know about it. You’re both great and fantastic people, so let’s not get hung up and who did what first.

    12 September 20123:08 PM EDT
  11. jeffjarrett

    Ok, no prob. You linked my second post about the card. The first pic I posted was the “Sep 12, 2012 3:40 am” post. Change it or not. Do as you want.

    12 September 20123:25 PM EDT
  12. dna

    jeffjarrett, if we’re playing that, I was the first to point out Janenba Baby was listed on the website’s card list. Maybe I should be mentioned huh?

    12 September 20123:56 PM EDT
  13. thedevilscorpse

    Yeah, it’s not like I was trying to take credit for the find or anything. I just hit him up with a Tweet akin to “Mike, new Heroes character was introduced if you want to cover it *link*” after it had been posted on the forum for a couple hours but not the main site.

    Anyway, I think “Bebi Janenba” is a better choice (and more fun). The infected Vegeta cards are technically labeled as “Vegeta Bebi” too, just like in most of the Japanese products, but a large chunk of us still call him “Bebi Vegeta”…but you have your own naming scheme for the site, so just do whatever you decided for Vegeta. lol

    12 September 20124:01 PM EDT
  14. ringworm128

    This is incredibly awesome yet incredibly stupid at the same time. They seem to be running out of ideas. What’s next? A character that’s a fusion between Jheese and Daiz?

    13 September 20122:10 AM EDT
  15. jackalpuff

    Oh man, what will they think of next?

    13 September 20124:26 AM EDT
  16. krakabeast

    Not liking the concept or design. Janemba is way too boss to be controlled by Baby anyway.

    13 September 20124:54 AM EDT
  17. dbgtFO

    Regarding the name:
    Janemba-Baby seems appropiate, given that has now been confirmed as what it says, but also because the similar scenario applied to Baby infecting Vegeta in GT; Vegeta-Baby, so yeah definitely just Janemba-Baby IMO.

    18 September 201210:32 AM EDT