Podcast Episode #0316
Published by 03 December 2012, 8:45 PM EST

Back in February 2007 on Episode #0063 of our podcast, we started up a recurring segment called the “Manga Review of Awesomeness” (named as such due to never coming up with actual name). We went through the manga volume-by-volume with a slew of readers and perspectives — we had some who had read the entire thing front-to-back in Japanese, all the way down to our buddy Jeff who had never read it before in his life. After finishing up the manga several years later, we moved on to covering Dragon Ball GT.

It has been nearly a full year since our last “GT Review of Awesomeness”. The wait for more ends now.

Episode #0316! VegettoEX, Meri, and Jeff dive into our third “Dragon Ball GT Review of Awesomeness” with episodes 11-15. As we wrap up the Lood arc and are introduced to Dr. Mu, does the story feel as if it is actually going anywhere, and does the team finally feel like a complete whole? A catch-up on tons of “Battle of Gods” news with Julian in Japan wraps up the episode!


Enjoy! Discuss this episode on the Kanzenshuu forum.

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