Published by VegettoEX
21 January 2013, 8:35 AM EDT

Beginning 07 February 2013, heading down to your local KFC in Japan and purchasing a “Smile Chicken Set” or a “Smile Crispy Set” (¥500 yen each) will allow you to choose one of three “Parents and Children Play Together! Mightiest Battle Goods, Round 1” (第1弾 親子で遊ぼう!最強バトルグッズ Dai-ichi-dan Oyako de Asobō! Saikyō Batoru Guzzu) items: “Battle Reversi”, “Battle Playing Cards”, or “Sugoroku Battle”.



There are, of course, the usual caveats that some locations may not participate, and the promotion is while supplies last.

The promotion was also mentioned in the March 2013 issue of V-Jump:


The magazine description mentions only that you can “receive” one of the three items — the KFC website itself, as noted above, goes into much more detail. V-Jump‘s March 2013 issue also contained a wealth of new information about the movie’s plot and on-going promotions.

  1. timo

    I hate KFC, but I would buy this stuff and eat there, if it would be available over here. 😉

    21 January 20138:41 AM EDT
  2. mozart13x

    The price of that zinger better not be OVER 9000! XD

    21 January 201310:39 AM EDT
  3. jackalpuff

    I’ve never wanted KFC so badly before.

    21 January 20132:08 PM EDT
  4. ea575

    Wow, it’s as if the Dragon Ball merchandising from decades ago has been revived! All because of one movie 😮

    21 January 20135:24 PM EDT
  5. mozart13x

    ^ True shit! XD

    22 January 20133:25 AM EDT