“Battle of Gods” Mezamashi TV Promotion
Published by 29 January 2013, 10:02 AM EST

The promotion for the 30 March 2013 release of the new theatrical film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, is hitting full stride. The movie was featured on this morning’s episode of Mezamashi TV, a news/magazine show in Japan. In the short feature, Fuji TV announcer Shin’ichi Karube is revealed to have a bit part in the new movie.


On what appears to have been the same day as the “open recording” with Shōko Nakagawa and Kaori Matsumoto, Karube went in and met with director Masahiro Hosoda, who showed him his character (not vetted by Toriyama, apparently). As they get set to record, he follows the director back into the control booth, where Hosoda comments on him being a “complete amateur”. His line, in the clip, is simply, “it’s called ‘sushi'”. Similar to Matsumoto, his character is based on his own appearance, and the knot on his headband looks like a bow tie. Afterwards, he has a Kamehameha-off with Matsumoto to see who can produce the greater ki — Matsumoto wins. He asks her how she would win if she were fighting against Goku, and she says that in the instant he fired a Kamehameha, she would dodge it and then do a one-armed shoulder throw (ippon-zeoi)… though Goku would be disqualified by using an outside object (that being the Kamehameha).

The spotlight also gives us a quick glimpse at some other scenes in the movie with animatics of Vegeta being hit, a fully-animated shot of Matumoto’s police officer character, and more.

Big thanks to our buddy kei17 for providing us with full coverage of the spotlight.

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