“FLOW THE MAX!!!” Album Details
Published by 13 February 2013, 8:56 AM EST

The Japanese band FLOW — who have two songs appearing in the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods theatrical film — recently announced the full track listing for their eighth studio album, “FLOW THE MAX!!!”, due out 27 March 2013. The album will include both Dragon Ball Z songs, “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” (Track 14, a cover of the first opening theme to the Dragon Ball Z TV series that will be used as the main theme of the movie), and “HERO ~Song of Hope~” (Track 1, which will be used as an insert song in the movie).

Two versions of the album will be available: a standard edition (KSCL-2219 for ¥3,059) and a limited edition packed with a bonus DVD (KSCL-2217~2218 for ¥3,200). The bonus DVD will include music-video material, but no songs are specified just yet.

The “double A-side” CD single containing both “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” and “HERO ~Song of Hope~” is due out a week earlier on 20 March 2013 for ¥1,350, and will contain instrumental versions of both songs, an English version of “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA”, and a bonus remix of a prior FLOW song. “FLOW THE MAX!!!” will only contain the standard versions of the two Battle of Gods songs.

All of the CDs are available for pre-order from CDJapan and Amazon Japan.

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  • Chuquita says:

    I really like “HERO ~Song of Hope~”. It’s kind of like getting an audio-only preview of the climax of the film (even though I don’t know if it’ll be played at that point or over the end credits instead). I bet it plays in the background of part of the next trailer for the movie though.

  • marcas92 says:

    HOORAY! NEWS! Everyday I come to Kanzenshuu and there are no new news I die a little inside 😛

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