FLOW Promotional Videos Released
Published by 26 February 2013, 10:40 AM EST

FLOW and Ki/oon Music have released promotional videos for both of the band’s musical contributions to the upcoming film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods — a cover of “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” and an original song called “HERO ~Song of Hope~” — to YouTube.

Unfortunately, both videos are region-restricted. The video for “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” showcases the band from a live performance synced up with the studio version of the song, while the video for “HERO ~Song of Hope~” puts the band in a more traditional Japanese PV style performing atop a CG-rendered background.

Both songs will be included on the band’s upcoming “double A-side” CD single set for release 27 March 2013, just three days before their respective movie’s release. Both songs will also be featured on the band’s upcoming eight studio album, “FLOW THE MAX!!!”, due out a week earlier on 20 March 2013. A “Limited Edition” version of the album will be packed with a bonus DVD that contains music video content, but it has not been confirmed if these two promotional videos will be that bonus content.

Along with the promotional videos, it was confirmed that the band will indeed be at Differ Ariake on 16 March 2013 for the special “Tenka’ichi Preview” screening of Battle of Gods with a special “mini concert”. You can also apply to get into the screening if you are a mileage club members with Toho Cinemas or by purchasing all five ringtone versions of “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” available from “Reko-choku” by 04 March 2013.

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  • supremestephan says:

    “This video isn’t available in your country.”

  • Daimakku says:

    I just heard “HERO” and even though I can’t understand what they’re saying since I don’t speak Japanese, I can just tell the song is just there because it’s from some popular rock band in Japan. Kind of like what Disney does with some of their movies, inserting songs from their pop singers just because they’re popular. Lame. What they should’ve done instead is get Hironobu Kageyama to make an original song just for the movie. He’s done it for the videogames, so why not? He’s a Dragonball veteran. Even the person who sang Dragon’s Soul would’ve been better than this “FLOW” pop band.
    Kind of disappointed in the songs department for the movie already. We’ve could’ve had some catchy, memorable songs that you don’t need to know Japanese to hum along to. Oh well. 😕

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