Published by VegettoEX
08 March 2013, 6:07 AM EDT

By way of a clothing store collaboration campaign with preview screenings, we already knew that the total run time for the upcoming film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods would likely be in the 85-minute range.

Cinema Today has updated their listing for the movie with the same 85-minute run time. Additionally, Eiren (the Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan) have updated their own listing with an EIRIN code of 119385 and a rating of “G”.

Finally, Akiba-Souken has updated with a slew of new screen shots from the movie (some of which we have seen in the two trailers, but there are also a couple new ones):

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods officially hits Japanese theaters 30 March 2013 with the aforementioned “Tenka’ichi Preview” screening of the film taking place 16 March 2013.

  1. duo

    In the group shot in front of the dragon, where is Trunks?

    08 March 20136:53 AM EDT
  2. thunderpx

    He’s in-between Gohan and Goten. If you look closely you can see the back of his head.

    08 March 20137:07 AM EDT
  3. porungaswrath

    Pilafs there, but what about poor shu and mai

    09 March 20132:53 PM EDT
  4. jeffjarrett

    Where do you see Pilaf, aren’t you confusing with Chaozu?!

    09 March 20138:17 PM EDT
  5. barunks

    So we have a shot of Shenron being summoned for some reason and it seems that not everyone is around to watch. Could this be what would seem like the first time in a movie a major character dies at the hands of the villain and needs to be revived?

    10 March 201312:08 AM EDT