More New Dragon Ball Books, Guides, and Magazines
Published by 16 March 2013, 4:46 PM EDT

We have seen an onslaught of new and revitalized Dragon Ball merchandise coming out recently thanks to Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the franchise’s first theatrical film in 17 years. With a few new listings popping up in the past few days, it is safe to say that the film’s merchandising push is not done quite yet.

EIWA Publishing has released a new “mook” (short for “magazine book”), entitled “Dragon Ball: The Strongest Inquiry”, which details every battle from the Dragon Ball Z TV series. The “mook” hit Japanese store shelves yesterday (15 March 2103), and can also be grabbed online from Amazon Japan for ¥840. It should be noted that this “mook” does not appear to be associated with Shueisha, and therefore is not considered an “official” guide for the series.

Later next week Shueisha will be releasing what Amazon Japan is listing as a new “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods magazine”. However, according to the calendar on Shuiesha’s official website, this special edition magazine from Shōnen Jump is actually the film’s “Official Movie Guide”. This will most likely be similar to the previous special magazines released for the 12th and 13th Dragon Ball Z movies, which featured plot details, background information, character profiles, and original concept drawings and designs. It is set to be released 21 March 2013 with a price point of ¥580.

Finally, when it was first revealed that the new Chōzenshū line of guidebooks would be a condensed “revival” of the legendary Daizenshuu guides from the mid-1990s, and when the four Chōzenshū titles were later officially announced by Shueisha, many fans pointed out that one of the more popular Daizenshuu was missing from the collection: the “Complete Illustrations” (which, incidentally, actually received an English release in North America from Viz back in 2008).

A listing has since popped up on Shueisha’s official listing site for a “Dragon Ball: Chōgashū” (“Super Illustration Collection”). Although the book is not listed as part of the Chōzenshū collection, the timing and “missing” Chōzenshū content leads us to assume they are related. Presumably this collection will feature Akira Toriyama’s original artwork, including additional post-serialization illustrations. The collection is listed as being a B5 size book, the same size as the Daizenshuu and Chōzenshū, with a release date of 09 May 2013 and a price point of ¥3,800. You can currently pre-order a copy at Amazon Japan.

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